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Classes & Workshops

A Guide To Successful Building - Learn how to manage the design and building process

Be prepared to have a great experience building or remodeling your home or commercial project

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Green Building Classes for Individuals or Groups - In Person or Online through Skype

Welcome to the Green Building Learning Center. Learn how to build green with our online classes on smart design and building practices, renewable energy, energy efficiency, water harvesting and management, fire-resistant building techniques as well as other sustainability and self-sufficiency issues.

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Introduction to Green Building - learn how to build green for energy and resource efficiency

Save money and make a better house or commercial building when you build or remodel

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Solar Electric and Photo-Voltaics - PV

Let the sun create your electricity where you need it

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Green Leaf Symbol The Green Leaf Symbol identifies "Green" or "Sustainable" Products & Services

The Red Sun symbol The Red Sun symbol identifies products that are Made in New Mexico